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Level Up – Coping Skills


This site provides free resources to help foster healthy coping practices, real ones that come from DBT, CBT, and Mindfulness based CBT, not bullshit like “go for a walk,” or “take a hot bath.” These are resources that have helped me and some are resources requested by others for the site. This information is in no way meant to replace therapy or circumvent therapy. Please contact for free and sliding scale mental health clinics or the Suicide Hotline to find low cost or free therapy in your area. Scroll down to ‘From the Blog’ and choose the area you’d like to explore resources on. I will always be adding new content to the ‘Level Up’ section, so please check back to see more sections and more tools. Please comment on what tools or areas you’d like to get more information in also. I ask that you all start with ‘Childhood Trauma’ first, even if you believe it does not impact you. All my best in your healing journey’s. You’re making quite a big move today by learning and healing.

From the blog

About Me

Hi, I’m Brooke. I’m a full time PMO, Board Member at The Relationship Foundation, and Health Scientist. I enjoy volunteering, researching ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and its impacts on long-term health (specifically auto-immune disease within adulthood), learning new skills, and helping others overcome their obstacles. I am a trauma and AML Leukemia survivor who scored 8/10 on the ACE test. These resources are here in an effort to help you bounce back.